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ELIZABETH I: A Study on the reputation of Queen Elizabeth I's through the centuries

CHILDHOOD: To What Extent Were There Important Changes In The Way That Children Were Brought Up In This Period?

MARRIAGE: To What Extent Are Books Of Advice Or "Conduct Books" Accurate Guides To The Relationship Between Husbands And Wives In The Tudor and Stuart Period?

DIVORCE: What Scope Was There For Escaping From Marriage In The Early Modern Period?

ALEHOUSES:What Contribution Was Made By The Alehouse To The Life Of Early Modern Towns?

THEATRE: What Difficulties Does The Historian Encounter When Trying To Learn About The Experience Of Play Going For Those Below The Social Elite Before The Civil War?

PROTESTANT CULTURE: To What Extent Was Protestant Culture Only Available To The Literate And Wealthy Before The Civil War?

WALES & HUMANISM: Assess The Impact Of Humanist Values On Welsh Life Before 1640.

RENAISSANCE ARCHITECTURE IN WALES: To What Degree Were Classical Influences On Architecture Adopted And Adapted In Welsh Building Styles 1500-1800?

(Please note: because of the original academic use of these essays and articles they contain some adult words.)


Tudor Appleby

The following articles were generously contributed by Alan Roberts. He studied history at the University of Adelaide, Australia, and undertook research on English Local History at Leicester University, UK. Contact Alan Roberts.

The Market Traders of Sixteenth Century Atherstone

On an Atherstone Faire Daie, 1597

Scandalous words in a seventeenth-century Appleby Alehouse

The 1716 Bracebridge Estate Map of Atherstone

Elizabethan Women of Appleby

Inventory of an 18th Century Widow

Farming and Cottage Crafts in Elizabethan Austrey

Traditional Trades and Cottage Crafts listed in the Austrey Parish Register 1558-1600

Transcripts of Austrey's Elizabethan Wills and Inventories


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