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About this Website


This is a website dedicated to the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603). It contains biographical information about the Tudor Queen, articles about her life and times, quizzes, timelines, links to sites of interest, bibliographies, and a shop.

This website is written and managed by myself, Heather Sharnette. I am an independent Tudor Historian, engaged in research into Elizabethan history, and have a B.A Hons in History and a M.Phil Research Degree in Elizabethan history.

As well as this website (Elizabethi.org) I also run Tudors and Stuarts a website dedicated to Tudor and Stuart History, and shakespearesworld.net a brand new website dedicated to the life and works of William Shakespeare.

You can help support this website by buying books in the Shop or displayed on individual pages; by making a small site support contribution here; by purchasing an advert on Elizabethi.org, learn more here; or even by buying my children's novel Galastra.




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