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Here is a list of some of the most frequent questions I am asked. Before e-mailing me please check that your question is not here.

You may also wish to search this website to see if your question is covered in another section. Please use the search tool below:

1. Why, if Elizabeth became Queen on 17 November 1558, was she not crowned until 15 January 1559?

2. How accurate was the 1998 film Elizabeth?

3. Where can I find information on the Queen's maids of honour?

4. Where can I find more information on portraits of the Queen?

5. Were Robert Dudley and the Queen lovers?

6. How did Robert Dudley die?

7. Was Queen Elizabeth bald?

8. Which books on the life of Elizabeth I do you recommend?

9. Where can I find information on the Queen's illnesses?

10. Where can I find a collection of speeches or works by Elizabeth I?

11. Please could you tell me the names of the palaces Queen Elizabeth I lived in.

12. What were Queen Elizabeth's greatest accomplishments?

13. I am looking for information on an Elizabethan ancestor, can you help?

14. Is it true Queen Elizabeth I was scared of mice?

15. Where can I buy Elizabeth I products?

16. Why did Queen Elizabeth I never marry?

17. Was the success of the Elizabethan age due to William Cecil rather than the Queen?

18. Questions on alternatives to history i.e Please can you tell what would have happened if Elizabeth had never become Queen/had married/had borne children/had lost the Armada/had died early in her reign.

19. Where can I find Elizabethan style fonts?

20. Who was Queen Elizabeth's mother?

21. Are Queen Mary I and Mary, Queen of Scots, the same person?

22. How did Queen Elizabeth die?

23. Who became King after Elizabeth's death?

24. What happened to Queen Elizabeth's clothes after she died?

25. Did the Queen ever attend plays at any of the London Theatres such as Shakespeare's Globe Theatre?

26. Why is Queen Elizabeth sometimes referred to as Elizabeth Tudor?/ What does "house of Tudor or house of Stuart" mean?

27. Did Queen Elizabeth have secret children?

28. Is it true that the real Elizabeth died in childhood and was secretly replaced with a servant boy?

29. What did Queen Elizabeth actually do all day?





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