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Kenilworth Entertainments

Queen Elizabeth at Kenilworth Castle
July, 1575
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23 January - The Royal Exchange is opened.
The Ridolfi Plot to assassinate Elizabeth.
7 October - The Battle of Lepanto. The Ottomans, who have been threatening east Christendom for the past century, are defeated.

16 January - Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk, is tried for treason (for conspiracy in the Ridolfi Plot).
22-24 August - The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve, in which over 6,000 French Protestants are murdered, provokes the fourth phase of the French Wars Of Religion.
2 June - Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk, becomes the first nobleman of Elizabeth I's reign to be executed for treason.

11 May - Poland elects its first King, choosing Henri of Valois. The election was paid for by Catherine de Medici.
6 July - Peace of Bolougne, ends the fourth phase of the French Wars Of Religion.

23 February - Fifth phase of the French Wars Of Religion breaks out.
30 May - Charles IX dies aged 24. He is succeeded by Henry III, who abandons the throne of Poland and returns to France. Poland is left without a king.
Richard Burbage opens the first Theatre in England, simply called "The Theatre".
12 December - Suleiman the Magnificent, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, dies after falling in his bath. His son, Murad III, becomes Sultan, and has his brothers strangled in his presence.

14 November - Elizabeth I refuses the sovereignty of the Netherlands.
14 December - Stephen Bathroy, Prince of Transylvania, is elected the new King of Poland.

Other Events Elizabeth visits Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, at Kenilworth, amidst spectacular entertainments.

6 May - Peace of Monsieur ends the fifth phase of the French Wars Of Religion.
12 October - Holy Roman Emperor, Maximilian II, dies aged 49. He is succeeded by his son, Rudolf.

17 August - The Peace of Bergerac ends the sixth phase of the French Wars of Religion.
13 December - Sir Francis Drake sets out on the first English voyage around the world.

12 March - James VI takes over the reigns of government in Scotland, the Earl of Morton resigning the Regency.
4 August - Sebastian I of Portugal is killed in a battle in north-west Africa. He is succeeded by Cardinal Henry.
1 October - Don John of Austria dies of fever.

Rebellion in Ireland.
Simier comes to England in an attempt to negotiate a marriage between Queen Elizabeth I and Alencon.

5 June - A Proclamation is made to restrict the growth of London.
25 August - Philip of Spain invades Portugal, defeating the Portuguese army, and is proclaimed King of Portugal as Philip I.
26 September - Drake enters Plymouth Harbour after having circumnavigated the globe.
26 November - Peace of Fleix ends the seventh phase of the French Wars Of Religion.

Other Events
Death of the famous architect Palladio.
Jesuit missionaries arrive in England.

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