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1533 - Elizabeth is born at Greenwich Palace.
1536 - Elizabeth's mother, Queen Anne Boleyn, is executed at The Tower of London.
1537 - Elizabeth's half-brother, Prince Edward, is born.
1547 - King Henry VIII dies and Prince Edward becomes King Edward VI.
1553 - King Edward VI dies and Elizabeth's half-sister, Mary, becomes Queen Mary I.
1554 - Elizabeth is imprisoned in The Tower of London and then Woodstock Manor.
1555 - Elizabeth is freed.
1558 - Queen Mary I dies and Elizabeth becomes Queen Elizabeth I.
1559 - Coronation of Queen Elizabeth I and Elizabethan Religious Settlement.
1562 - Elizabeth is seriously ill with small pox at Hampton Court Palace.
1564 - William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe are born.
1567 - Mary, Queen of Scots, is forced to abdicate the throne.
1568 - Mary, Queen of Scots, is imprisoned in England after fleeing Scotland.
1569 - Northern Rebellion
1570 - Elizabeth is excommunicated from the Catholic Church by the Pope.
1571 - Ridolfi Plot to assassinate Elizabeth.
1572 - Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk, is executed for treason.
1574 - Richard Burbage opens the first theatre in England called The Theatre.
1575 - Kenilworth Entertainments
1577 - Francis Drake sets out on the first English voyager around the world.
1584 - Bond of Association
1585 - Elizabeth takes The Netherlands under her protection, beginning the War with Spain.
1586 - Babington Plot and trial of Mary, Queen of Scots, for treason.
1587 - Mary, Queen of Scots, is executed at Fotheringay Castle.
1588 - Defeat of the Spanish Armada
1597 - Second Spanish Armada defeated.
1599 - The Globe theatre is opened.
1601 - Essex Rebellion and Queen Elizabeth's Golden Speech.
1603 - Death of Queen Elizabeth I and accession of King James I.





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