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Language Guide to Shakespeare

A short guide to the meaning of words used in Shakespeare's works.

ART: Are example: art thou = are you
CANST: Can example: canst thou = can you
DIDST: Did example: didst thou = did you
DOST: DO example: dost thou = do you
DOTH: Does example: he doth = he does
ERE: Before example: ere long = before long
HATH: Has example: he hath = he has
HAST: Have example: hast thou = have you
LEST: Incase example: lest thou = incase you
MINE: My example: mine book = my book
OFT: Oftenexample: oft he doth = often he does
SHALT: Shall example: shalt thou = shall you
THEE: You example: to thee = to you
THOU: You example: thou must = you must
THINE: Your example: thine own = your own
THY: Your example: thy house = your house
THYSELF: Yourself example: to thyself = to yourself
TIS: It is example: and tis kind = and it is kind
WHEREFORE: Why example: eherefore art thou = why are you
WILT: Will example: wilt thou go = will you go



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