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DACRE, LEONARD, Catholic rebel against Queen Elizabeth.


DAVISON, WILLIAM, Secretary of State under Elizabeth. Elizabeth blamed him for the execution of Mary, Queen of Scots, but he was probably only acting on the instructions of more powerful men in the government like Walsingham and Burghley. He was imprisoned, but was soon released, and although never again returned to his position, was allowed to live comfortably.

DERBY, EARL OF, EDWARD STANLEY, Privy Councillor to Queen Elizabeth.

DEVEREUX, ROBERT, EARL OF ESSEX. (1567-1601) Queen Elizabeth's tragic last favourite. Although in legend their relationship has been seen as romantic, in all probability, it was more like that of mother and son. When Robert's father lay dying, he asked the Queen and Cecil to take care of his young son, and both honoured his wishes. When his mother married the Earl of Leicester, he too took an interest in the young man's future. It seemed that Robert had a glittering life ahead, having the love and care of the most important people in England - the Queen, Leicester, and Burghley. But perhaps familiarity bred contempt, and Robert was often reluctant to give the Queen the respect she deserved. In 1601 he led a rebellion against the ageing Queen, for which he was tried, found guilty of treason, and executed. The Queen had signed his death warrant, but she grieved deeply at his death, and it troubled her until her own death, only two years later.

DRAKE, SIR FRANCIS, (c.1543-1596) Seafarer and privateer, commander of the English fleet during the Armada. He was the first Englishman to sail around the world in his famous ship called the Golden Hind.

DUDLEY, AMBROSE, EARL OF WARWICK, Third son of the Duke of Northumberland and brother of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester.

DUDLEY, AMY, (d.1560) The first wife of Robert Dudley, who was found dead in mysterious circumstances in the September of 1560. Her death made it impossible for Queen Elizabeth to marry him.

DUDLEY, GUILDFORD, Fourth son of the Duke of Northumberland, brother of Robert Dudley, and husband of the Lady Jane Grey, executed under Queen Mary.

DUDLEY, JOHN, LORD LISLE, LATER DUKE OF NORTHUMBERLAND. (1504-1553) Lord Protector of England under King Edward, executed under Queen Mary for attempting to usurp the throne after Edward's death, for his daughter in law, Lady Jane Grey. He was the father of the Dudley brothers, including Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester.

DUDLEY, LORD HENRY, Youngest son of the Duke of Northumberland and brother to Robert Dudley. He was killed while fighting in France.

DUDLEY, JOHN, EARL OF WARWICK, Eldest son of the Duke of Northumberland and brother of Robert Dudley. He died during Mary's reign.

DUDLEY, MARY, Sister to Robert Dudley. She married Sir Henry Sidney, and her son was the famous poet Sir Philip Sidney. She was a close friend of Queen Elizabeth, and nursed the Queen when she had the smallpox, catching the disease herself, which left her face very scarred.

DUDLEY, KATHERINE, Sister of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester,

DUDLEY, ROBERT, EARL OF LEICESTER, Queen Elizabeth's great favourite. Son of the Duke of Northumberland, Protector of England during the reign of Edward VI. For aiding his father in the attempt to make Lady Jane Grey queen, Dudley was imprisoned in the Tower. He narrowly escaped death. He came into prominence very early at Elizabeth's court, and seemed that the young Queen had fallen in love with him. Whatever the truth of their relationship, the death of his wife in suspicious circumstances meant that the Queen could never marry him without the danger of a political uprising. He remained the Queen's favourite until his death in 1588, despite his secret marriage in 1578 to Lettice Devereux, Countess of Essex. In his later years, he very much became a champion of Protestantism, and was chosen by the Queen to lead the expedition in the Netherlands.

EDWARD VI, (1537-1553) The only legitimate son of Henry VIII. He was only a child when he became King of England in 1547 and was only 16 when he died in 1553. He is known as "The Boy King".

ELIZABETH, OF YORK, The wife of Henry VII, and grandmother to Queen Elizabeth.

ERIC, KING OF SWEDEN A suitor of Queen Elizabeth. So eager was he to marry the new English Queen, that he even planned on visiting her in person, but bad weather and the reluctance of the new Queen held him back. Instead he married a peasant girl who he saw outside his palace and fell instantly in love.

FELTON, JOHN, Catholic dissident, executed for posting a papal Bull against Queen Elizabeth.

FERIA, DON GOMEZ SUAREZ DE FIGUEROA, Spanish ambassador to Queen Elizabeth. He married one of her maids of honour, Jane Dormer.

FITZROY, HENRY, DUKE OF RICHMOND, The illegitimate son of Henry VIII. He died aged 17 .

FOIZ, PAUL DE, French ambassador to Queen Elizabeth

FRANCIS II King of France, husband of Mary Queen of Scots, died aged 16 .

GARDINER, STEPHEN,(1493-1555) Bishop of Winchester under Henry VIII. He was chief minister to Queen Mary I.

GILBERT, SIR HUMPHREY, A soldier and seafarer, kinsman of Sir Walter Raleigh,

GREY, LADY CATHERINE, A descendant of Princess Mary Tudor, sister of Lady Jane Grey and cousin of Queen Elizabeth. She illegally married the Earl of Hertford for which both were imprisoned in the Tower of London. Already pregnant, Catherine was delivered of a baby son. Elizabeth forbade the couple to see each other, but her orders were not strictly kept by Catherine's custodians, as Catherine soon conceived another child.

GREY, LADY FRANCES, Countess of Dorset, later Duchess of Suffolk, daughter of Princess Mary Tudor, sister of Henry VIII, mother of Jane, Catherine, and Mary Grey.

GREY, LADY JANE, (1537-1554). The tragic Nine Days Queen. Married against her will to Guildford Dudley, when Edward VI died in 1553, Jane was proclaimed Queen by John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland. The coup failed, and Lady Jane was placed in the Tower. Although pardoned, her father's involvement with Thomas Wyatt's scheme, resulted in her being executed along with her husband in 1554.

GREY, MARY, Sister of Catherine and Lady Jane Grey. She learnt nothing from the ill fate of her sister, as she married illegally Thomas Keys, and too was imprisoned.

GREY, LORD HENRY, EARL OF DORSET, LATER DUKE OF SUFFOLK, Father of Jane, Catherine, and Mary, executed for conspiracy against Queen Mary.

GRESHAM, SIR THOMAS, (c.1518-1579) Financier, adviser to Queen Elizabeth, and founder of the Royal Exchange.

GRINDAL, EDMUND (1519-1583) Archbishop of Canterbury

GRINDAL WILLIAM, A tutor to Princess Elizabeth.


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