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The below sources include valuable transcripts of original Elizabethan and Tudor state papers, letters, manuscripts and documents. See also the section: Online Tudor Resources for more recommendations.

Fox, Adam, A Book of Devotions Composed By Her Majesty Elizabeth R (1977)

Harrison, William, The Description of England: Classic Contemporary Account of Tudor Social Life (1995)

Kouri, E.I., Elizabethan England and Europe: Forty Unprinted Letters from Elizabeth I to Protestant Powers (1982)

Marcus,Leah S., and Mueller, Janel, and Rose, Mary Beth, Elizabeth I: Collected Works

Perry, Maria, Elizabeth I : The Word of a Prince : A Life From Contemporary Documents


One of the most important sources for the Elizabethan/Tudor age. They contains transcripts of thousands of original Elizabethan/Tudor state papers (documents written by statesmen, diplomats, administrators, secretaries, rulers of the time). Originally published in the Victorian age, many are now available digitally from British History Online, a digital library of key printed primary and secondary sources for the history of Britain and Ireland 1300-1800.

Calendars of State Papers, Domestic, Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I Volumes 1-8 (1856-1872)

Calendars of State Papers, Foreign, Elizabeth I Volumes 1-23 (1863-1950)

List and analysis of state papers, foreign series: Elizabeth I Volumes 1-7 (1964-2000)

Calendar of letters and state papers relating to English affairs [of the reign of Elizabeth] preserved principally in the Archives of Simancas. Edited by Martin A.S. Hume. Volumes 1-4 (1971)



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