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Although the below novels are currenly out of print, some of them quite recently, most can be obtained through Amazon. A number are also available on kindle.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age (Novel) - Tasha Alexander
Elizabeth - Evelyn Anthony
All the Queen's men - Evelyn Anthony
The Queen's Ward - Dorothy Phoebe Ansle
The Queen's Handmaiden - Jennifer Ashley
The Heart of a Queen - Josephine Delves-Broughton
The Phoenix and the Dove- Sidney Cunliffe-Owen
Queen of the dying light - Terry Deary
Crown Imperial - J. Delves-Broughton
Absolute Elizabeth - Joanna Dessau
My Lord Essex - Olive Eckerson
None but Elizabeth - Rhoda Edwards
My Dear Lover England - Pamela Bennetts
Envoy from Elizabeth - Pamela Bennetts
Tower or Throne: A Romance of the Girlhood of Elizabeth - Harriet T. Comstock
The heart of a queen - Delves-Broughton, J. (Josephine)
Lady in Waiting - Denise Domning
Elizabeth, The Woman - Amanda Mae Ellis
Unicorn's Blood - Patricia Finney
Gloriana's Torch - Patricia Finney
Firedrake's Eye - Patricia Finney
The succession: A novel of Elizabeth and James - George Garret
Death of the Fox: A novel on Elizabeth and Raleigh - George Garret
The Falcon and the Rose - Diane Grahovac
Loyal Hearts and True: A tale of the days of Queen Elizabeth - Evelyn Everett-Green
His Sovereign Lady: A romance of the days of Elizabeth - Charles Gregory
The Queen and the Gypsy - Constance Heaven
Prelude For Two Queens - Elsna Hebe
My Enemy The Queen - Victoria Holt
The Gay Galliard: The love story of Mary Queen of Scots -Margaret Irwin
Shadow In The Sun : The Secret of Elizabeth I, The Virgin Queen - Frank Wilson Kenyon
Elizabeth I: Redrose of the House of Tudor - Kathryn Lasky
Roanoke: A Novel of Elizabethan Intrigue - Margaret Lawrence
The Robsart Affair - Jennette Dowling Letton
The Young Elizabeth - Jennette Dowling Letton
The Queen's Bastard: A Novel - Robin Maxwell
Virgin: Prelude to the Throne - Robin Maxwell
The Wild Irish: A Novel of Elizabeth I and the Pirate O'Malley - Robin Maxwell
Elizabeth: Novelisation - Tom Mcgregor
The Queen's Rings: The True Romance of Elizabeth, Queen of England - Anne Hughston Meeker
Petticoat King - Miriam Michelson
I, Elizabeth: The Word of a Queen - Rosalind Miles
Queen of this Realm - Jean Plaidy
England's Mistress - Maureen Peters
Bess - Constance Pratt
Chase the Heart - Maggie Osborne
A time to lose - Hugh Presto
Mysteries of the Court of Queen Elizabeth - George W. M. (George William Macarthur) Reynolds
Galliard's Hay - Clare Rossiter
The Sisters - Hugh Ross Williamson
To Love a Queen: Walter Raleigh and Elizabeth R - Lawrence Schoonover
The Golden Net - Marjorie Shoebridge
The Queen Elizabeth story - Rosemary Sutcliff
Fatal Majesty - Reay Tannahill
In the days of Queen Elizabeth - Eva March Tappan
Elizabeth, Queen and Woman - Helen Thorpe
Elizabeth Tudor: Sovereign Lady - Marguerite Vance
The Tower and the Dream -Jan Vlachos Westcott
My Lord the Fox - Robert York






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