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There have been more biographies dedicated to Queen Elizabeth I than any other Tudor monarch. Every year at least one book relating to some aspect of the Queen's life or reign is published, and the number of books written over the centuries easily runs into hundreds. When reading any book about Elizabeth, or any other historical figure, it is important to bear in mind when the book was written. Although basic historical facts remain the same, interpretations of those facts change over time. The Victorians, for example, had a very different idea of what Elizabeth was like to what we do today. This is partly because there are more primary sources available now than there was then, but also because our values and beliefs are different. In the past, the way Queen Elizabeth was portrayed in a book would depend very much upon the religious views of the historian, as the Catholic/Protestant conflict still lingered. Catholics tended to be too critical of the Queen and her achievements, and Protestants tended to be too praiseworthy.

Because of the sheer volume of books written, I have only listed the most recent publications, except where I feel that an older book is of especial interest and value.

To find the titles of older books, use the online search facility of the The British Library which contains a copy of almost every book ever published in Britain.

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The Private Character of Queen Elizabeth - Frederick Chamberlin (1921)
Elizabeth I - Richard L. Greaves (1974)
Elizabeth I - John Guy (1996)
Elizabeth I - Paul Johnson (1974)
Gloriana: The years of Elizabeth I - Mary M. Luke (1843)
Elizabeth Tudor: The Lonely Queen - Arthur MacNalty (1954)
Elizabeth I - Jasper Ridley (1987)
Behind The Mask: The Life of Queen Elizabeth I - Jane Resh Thomas (1998)


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