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Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn behind Catherine of Aragon
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25 January - Henry marries Anne Boleyn.
1 June - Anne Boleyn's Coronation.
1 July - Henry VIII is excommunicated.
7 September - Elizabeth is born.
10 September - Elizabeth is given a magnificent christening at Greenwich.
25 November - Henry Fitzroy, Henry VIII's illegitimate son, married Mary Howard.

16 March - Final severance of England from Rome.
11 May - Henry VIII makes peace with Scotland.
25 September - Pope Clement VII dies. Pope Paul III succeeds.

6 June - Thomas More is executed, aged 57.

Other Events
The first Bible printed in English is dedicated to henry VIII, but is printed abroad.

7 January - Death of Catherine of Aragon.
29 January - Anne Boleyn gives birth to a still-born son.
19 May - Execution of Anne Boleyn.
30 May - Henry marries Jane Seymour.
1 July - Both Mary and Elizabeth are declared illegitimate by Parliament.
12 July - Erasmus dies in Freiburg, aged 69.
22 July - Death of Henry Fitzroy.
6 October -William Tyndale is condemned for heresy at Vilvorde Castle near Brussels and strangled.
9 October - Beginning of the Pilgrimage of Grace.

Other Events
Dissolution of the monasteries.

12 October - The birth of Prince Edward, the "boy King" Edward VI.
15 October - Edward VI is christened.
24 October - Death of Jane Seymour, Edward's mother.

James V of Scotland marries the French Mary of Guise.
Execution of Henry Pole.

Treaty of Toledo, ends conflict between Francis I and Charles V.

6 January - Henry marries Anne of Cleves. The marriage is soon annulled.
28 July - Henry VIII marries Catherine Howard, Anne Boleyn's cousin.
28 July - Thomas Cromwell is executed.

Henry VIII assumes the title of King of Ireland and "Head of the Church in Ireland".
18 October - Death of Henry VIII's sister, Margaret Tudor.
9 November - Katherine Howard is sent to the Tower of London.

13 February - Catherine Howard is executed on charges of adultery.
25 November - Battle of Soloway: English victory over invading Scottish Army.
8 December - Birth of Mary, soon to be Mary, Queen of Scots.
14 December - James V of Scotland dies.

24 May - Copernicus dies aged 70
12 July - Henry VIII marries Catherine Parr.
20 November - Hans Holbein dies.

Other Events
Mary, Queen of Scots, goes to live in France.
First burning of Protestants by the Spanish Inquisition.

War with France.
Treaty of Crespy-en-Valois, ending two year conflict between Charles V and Francis I.

The Council of Trent opens in an attempt to meet the challenge to Catholicism posed by the new Protestant religion.
Henry VIII's flag ship, The Mary Rose, sinks just off the coast of Portsmouth.

18 February - Martin Luther dies where he was born, at Eisleben, aged 63.
7 June - Peace of Ardres, ending two years of conflict between Henry VIII and Francis I.

16 January - Ivan IV has himself crowned Tsar of Russia (first use of the title in Russian history).
28 January - The death of Henry VIII, aged 55. Edward becomes King at the age of only nine.
Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset, becomes protector of England as Edward is too young to rule all by himself.
20 February - Edward is crowned King of England.
3 March - Francis I dies aged 52.

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